Entogenex Europe was founded on February 16, 2018, having been headquartered at BioBIP – Bioenergy and Business Incubator of Portalegre incubator at the Politécnico de Portalegre, initially with virtual incubation.

Our start-up company aggregates the skills and knowledge of biochemical and genetic technology, as well as the market for insecticidal and pesticide devices at global level.

Entogenex holds a set of patents, knowledge and biotechnology products aimed at controlling mosquitoes that transmit disease and pests caused by insects.

Mosquitoes and insects represent the greatest threat to humans, compromising health and the food supply chain. Our solution is highly effective, non-toxic to other organisms, biodegradable, preserving the environment.

Our product is an alternative to toxic chemicals, representing a biological, non-toxic and biodegradable alternative.